Let’s Swing!

“The Catnip Junkies were everything that we wished for! Such a fun, energetic band! We absolutely loved them! Would highly recommend them.”
~Kim P.

The lights dim as a banjo plucks a soft tune accompanied by a string bass. Suddenly the tempo picks up and the horns sound out cueing a tap dancer to take the floor beside the singer, producing a dulcet melody. Catnip Junkies is a bunch of cool cats who really know how to swing.

From NOLA jazz and classic swing all the way to jazzed up modern pop songs, Catnip Junkies plays it all. They are a band dedicated to breathing new life, not only to old songs, but to current tunes as well.

Whether it’s a bar, a festival, or a cafe, Catnip Junkies brings the energy to get crowd jumping.

“Had the Catnip Junkies for a New Orleans themed work event. They did a fantastic job! The music was great and lively. They kept the crowd super engaged and the guests really loved them. Tap dancer was the icing on the cake! Highly recommend this band to anyone!”
~Elena G.

Who we are:

A jolly group of rabble-rousers hailing from RI, MA and CT!

Our shows are jubilant, colorful, welcoming; AND chock full of music, laughter, dance, and shenanigans!

What to expect:

Bring in the noise, bring in the FUN! Our show is a BIG GIANT upbeat New Orleans flavored swingin’ ragtime party, complete with dancers!

What you’ll hear:

We’ll play some of YOUR favorite songs with our own twist as well as some of OUR favorite second line and Django jazz straight out of Louisiana!

Where we play:

We play all around New England at festivals, theaters, Food Truck Events, Mardi Gras, Living Funerals, Bars, Breweries, Weddings, parties, fundraisers, and town concerts.

Turn any ordinary event into an incredible party with the Catnip Junkies!

Join the Bourbon Street Jubilee November 5, 2021. Click the picture below to find out more!