Meet the Band

Beth Sing: vocals, unusual instruments, mischief and goofballery Beth can still do a split and a cartwheel but please don’t ask her to because we haven’t paid off the bill for last ambulance ride.

Matt Sax: percussion, soprano, alto, baritone saxophone and Ninja level heckler. Matt once brought the late great Don Rickles to tears after a 75 minute tete-a-tete of insult throwing!

Jim Tuba: Sousaphone ‘Tuba Jim’ is world renown as the bounciest sousaphone player! Folks have come from far and wide to bounce along with Jim. He’s even been known to play and bounce for up to 12 hours at a time! It is rumored that Jim has developed a specialized insert made for sensible shoes that enhances bounce height as well as endurance (patent pending). Jim will neither confirm nor deny these allegations.

Tal Bass: Double Bass, Tal recently decided to have a change of careers and is focusing her energy on her new business venture. Tal will be opening the state’s first and only tiny thimble store while simultaneously raising her own family. Keep your eye out for that!

Mike Banjo: banjo, suitcase, piano, vocals, dad jokes. Interestingly enough, Mike hates cilantro yet juggles like a champ. He really wants everyone to know that it isn’t easy being green.

Lari Dance: tap, modern dance. Lari has been dancing since she was a tot! She is in college right now in pursuit of her dream of one day becoming the world’s most famous fortune cookie writer of all time. She spends much of her free time continues frequenting restaurants in search of other prophetic cookie writings.

Ben Bone: Trombone, Ben is a bit quiet but don’t let that fool you, he can yodel in 8 different languages! He is currently saving up to attend Switzerland’s most prestigious Yodel camp which albeit neutral, is truly quite challenging. Good Luck Ben!